Deshaun Watson posted a mysterious tweet after Texas hired Nick Caserio

Houston Texas midfielder Deshawn Watson took to Twitter shortly after reporting on his team Agreeing to terms with Nick Cácerio is the team’s upcoming general manager.

Caserio, currently the director of the Patriots, comes from New England, just like the previous system in Houston. Former Texas coach and general manager Bill O’Brien, a former Patriots attack coordinator, ran the Texas team with the help of Jack Easterby, former Patriot’s personal trainer. Houston fired O’Brien in October, but kept Easterby.

So perhaps Watson is not happy to see the organization head in a similar direction with Caserio, another branch of Bill Belichick’s training tree and public administration.

Here is what Watson wrote on Twitter: “Some things never change …”

O’Brien’s infamously best passer for Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, substituted for the Arizona Cardinals during the 2020 season. The move was one of many – including first-round selections for left-hand save Laremy Tonsel – that led to O’Brien’s retreat in Houston.

Caserio will assign a head coach to Houston. There’s no shortage of excellent options, including Chiefs Attack Coordinator Eric Binemy, Bills attack coordinator Brian Dabbull and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

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