Dolphins’ players do not trust Tua Tagovailoa’s abilities in midfield, according to the report

Dolphins' players do not trust Tua Tagovailoa's abilities in midfield, according to the report

The Miami Dolphin They drop their second record in a 12-season win only in the second year of the Brian Flores era, ending with a 10-6 record but ultimately lost in the playoffs. While there are certainly a lot of fast-paced positive points from last year, there are also plenty of places to criticize, some directed at rising midfielder Tue Tagovailoa, according to a recent report from Miami Herald.

The report cites three unnamed players who have expressed concerns about whether a previous first-round pick was the right man for the job. One player basically said a lot when it was revealed that the 22-year-old would be the start of next season.

“I understand what they said,” one player told the Herald. “But I don’t understand why.”

The players have been keen to make it clear that they have not fully surrendered to their young teammate – “they still hope Tagophiloa will improve,” this is what the Herald story says – but the comment from the unknown group shows that there is not much confidence in how he has stacked some of the best midfielders in the league .

From the Herald report:

“But the worrying thing for the players who spoke to the Herald is that they are not convinced that Tagophilo will be great in the future.

They said they didn’t seem to like Tagovilwa during the training camp so much that they thought he would not be ready to play in 2020. They said they were “ completely surprised, ” as one put it, when Taguvilwa was named the starter of the seventh game of the season.

Another said it was before the end of the season when Flores informed the players Ryan Fitzpatrick They will not be available for exchange Buffalo billsHe was disappointed because he thought Fitzpatrick was better than Tagophiloa. “

It is not the ideal situation. Concerns have been voiced about the talents of the former Alabama potential midfielder beyond his accuracy – which is not a terrible skill, for what it deserves – and the ceiling has been set too high for QB by his teammates:

“One defensive player said he is not impressed with the speed of Taguvilwa’s ball, his arm strength, or his ability to play outside of schedule with his legs. So he ultimately wonders if Tagoviloa will be able to match the achievements of other AFC midfielders such as Josh AllenAnd the Patrick Mahomes or Deshawn Watson.

“These are the boys we have to win, right?” This player said. Now that looks like it will be a huge challenge. “

Josh Allen has set many franchise records this season, Patrick Mahomes can already boast an MVP and Super Bowl at just 25 years old and Deshaun Watson is one of the hottest players in the sport though TexasThe front office seems to make life more difficult for him in the field. This is a tough task for anyone, including Taguviloa, to rise to the ranks of the rookie.

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Meanwhile, there is some logical criticism of the 22-year-old, with one attacking player telling the Herald that Ryan Fitzpatrick – who was at one point on the bench, has returned to take his place this season. – Just straight up it looked better than Tagophiloa did in practice. It was even at the point where he was “disappointed” Fitzpatrick was not available to play at the season finale, losing 56-26 to the aforementioned Allen Bills.

Ultimately, these concerns about his team-mates only carry a lot of weight, because the players whose names have not been revealed are not the ones making the decisions. As far as the people in these roles are concerned, Tua will be the Miami man next year.

“I think Tua has made a lot of improvements, and they are already developing over the course of the year, so we will keep trying to make those improvements,” said Flores.

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