Liberty Bowl score: substitution fullback, kick to the side ignited West Virginia’s victory over the Army

Liberty Bowl score: substitution fullback, kick to the side ignited West Virginia's victory over the Army
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In the middle of the third quarter of the Liberty Bowl competition, West Virginia He was in a dangerous area. The Black Knights had just signed up for an overall brand campaign: 13 plays for 75 yards. It took exactly eight minutes an hour for the Army to go up 10-21. It was the kind of leadership that would make almost any opponent call it a day and pack it. An 11-point drop isn’t the end of the world, but a showdown against armyWith its slow and methodical triple choice, it limits leadership opportunities. And what opportunities did West Virginia have up to that point wasted with spin, lows, and missed opportunities in general. But in switching to a one-time start Austin Kendall In Quarterback, West Virginia was able to start a comeback resulting in a nail bite 24-21.

Kendall replacement Jarrett Doge, Who was ineffective in the first half and turned the ball twice. His second spin, flopped late in the second quarter, instantly landed the Army two plays later. Kendall knocked off the bench in the second half and led the Mountaineers in 10 games, 80 yards, to cut the gap to 21-16.

Knowing that the military could drain time again, West Virginia coach Neil Brown then chose to take a surprise side kick, which the Mountaineers took back. The resulting pusher did nothing, but stole valuable possessions from the army.

The West Virginia defense did as well against the Army’s Triple Choice as anyone could ask it to. Of the Army’s ten possessions, only two were long and continuous scoring attempts. The rest did not go to more than six plays. And while the West Virginia offensive did not do much better – the fall was a big problem and turning back Lady Brown You never get 3.3 yards per lunge – Kendall hit TJ Simmons for a 20-yard field goal in the fourth quarter.

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The army falls short of achieving its fourth 10 victories in the history of the school. West Virginia ended 2020 with a record 6-4, which is not a bad thing for the year 0.5 for Brown. The defending team, which the defense carries almost all season, will have to show significant improvements in attack in 2021.

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