Scientists want to send 6.7 million sperm samples to the moon

  • Scientists want to build an “ark” on the moon, filled with 6.7 million sperm samples.
  • A “lunar ship” can be a universal insurance policy for humankind against natural and other disasters.
  • The idea is similar to the Svalbard seed cellar “Doomsday” in Norway, which stores more than a million seed samples from all over the world.
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Scientists have suggested that humans could buy a “modern global insurance policy” by building an “ark” filled with 6.7 million sperm samples – on the moon.

Astronomy will include the release of sperm and egg samples from 6.7 million species to the moon across multiple payloads. The samples are then stored in a vault beneath the surface of the moon, in a “lunar crater”, where they can be stored in a safe place.

to me New York Post report, This would be conceptually similar to “Doomsday” seed vault In Svalbard, Norway, which currently has over a million crop samples from nearly every country in the world.

A team of six researchers from the University of Arizona They presented their idea At the IEEE space conference, where they said their proposal would protect humanity from extinction.

The researchers said this lunar ship could help Earth regenerate if a catastrophic catastrophe strikes – such as a deadly epidemic, a massive volcanic eruption, a large-scale nuclear war, a widespread drought, or an asteroid.

“The Earth is naturally a volatile environment,” said study author Jekan Thangavelautham in his presentation on the paper titled “Lunar Pits and Lava Tubes for a Modern Ark”, adding that a specimen repository on Earth would still display samples destroyed in a colossal catastrophe.

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While this may sound like a straightforward science fiction suggestion, the scientists behind this proposal have calculated that sending cryogenic samples of sperm, eggs, germs, and seeds from about 6.7 million species to the relative safety of the moon could be good. To be a feasible process.

to me IFL Science ReportIn his presentation, Thanjavilotham said the facility could be “filled with samples” on 250 flights to the moon. In comparison, the International Space Station required 40 flights.

To prevent samples from freezing or soldering together at subzero temperatures below the surface of the moon, scientists also suggest that the facility is powered by solar panels.

IFL Science spoke to Alvaro Diaz Flores Caminero, the PhD student at the University of Arizona leading the thermal analysis of the project, who said that such projects are bringing humanity “closer to becoming an alien civilization, and to a not-too-distant future where humanity will have bases on the moon and Mars.”

“Interdisciplinary projects are difficult because of their complexity, but I think the same complexity is what makes them beautiful,” said Caminero.

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