The persistence recording reveals what driving on Mars looks like

Seemingly , Rover perseverance A sensation while driving on the terrain of Mars. NASA has it Chest An audio recording of the 90-foot rover at Jezero Crater on March 7, captured through its Entry, Landing and Landing (EDL) microphone. You’ll hear the rover wheels breaking over the surface of the Red Planet as it moves, along with the boom and creak of its navigation system. As Vandy Verma, chief engineer and rover driver at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said: “A lot of people, when they see the pictures, don’t appreciate that the wheels are metallic. When you drive with these wheels on the rocks, it’s actually very noisy.”

It was so noisy that Dave Gruel, chief engineer of the EDL, said he would stop and ask to tow the car if he heard these noises while driving his car. The original, unfiltered 16-minute recording contained a high-pitched scratching noise along with the rover driving sounds. While the engineering team at Perseverance is still figuring out where the high-pitched scratch came from, they are already looking at several possibilities. Sounds could be from the navigation system or they could be caused by electromagnetic interference from one of the electronics boxes in the rover.

However, NASA also released a 90-second version of the audio that filters out some of the noise:

The Persevering Rover gives us the first sounds ever recorded on Mars. Aside from this driving sound, there is another microphone a part of the SuperCam as well registered The wind of Mars and the sound of a laser rock blasting with the instrument. “The differences between Earth and Mars – we have a visual feeling,” said Verma. “But sound is a very different dimension: to see the differences between Earth and Mars, and to experience that environment closely.”

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