A plane passenger throws punches after children kick their seat

Portland, Oregon (Associated Press) — A woman faces charges after attacking another woman on a Spirit Airlines flight at Portland International Airport on Sunday because the woman’s children had kicked the back of her seat.

Daidrina Jaslyn Walker Williams pulled her luggage from a top box and then punched passenger Natalie Hernandez several times, leaving Hernandez with a bleeding lip and a lump on her head, a possible reason stated in an affidavit.

Walker Williams said she hit Hernandez «two to three times in the face with her fist,» according to the complaint. She told the police that she was upset that Hernandez’s children kicked the back of her seat, and said they asked Hernandez to tell her kids to stop it, «Oregonian / Oregon Live reported. She said Hernandez ignored her and then» hit her on the shoulder. «

Walker Williams said she did not tell a flight attendant about a shoulder injury because «her first reaction was to fight,» according to the affidavit. Officers told Walker Williams that other people on the plane saw her hitting Hernandez, but they didn’t see Hernandez hitting her on the shoulder. Walker Williams responded according to the affidavit, «You do what you gotta do.»

Multnomah County Prosecutor’s Office charged Walker Williams with felony assault and harassment.

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