Analysis shows that two-thirds of Americans in highly-vaccinated counties live in coronavirus hot spots

Two-thirds of Americans live in highly-vaccinated counties in coronavirus hot spots with delta-variable prevalence, according to an analysis from The Washington Post show.

The Post classified counties with more than 54 percent of their population fully immunized as highly immunized, while counties with less than 40 percent fully immunized were defined as low immunized counties.

«Post’s analysis shows that about two-thirds of the population living in both highly-vaccinated and vulnerable counties are now in hot spots with the high and growing number of cases.»

Those numbers are partly due to increased cases in Florida, West Coast cities and areas from New York to Boston.

Prior to August, the rise in cases was mostly among non-vaccinated areas, with only 13 percent of people in highly vaccinated areas experiencing an outbreak by July 14.

It is still better to be in a highly vaccinated area than a poorly vaccinated area during these outbreaks, the newspaper noted.

The number of new cases is still lower in heavily vaccinated areas, and hospitalizations are lower in those areas.

States with low vaccination rates are beginning to see the strain on the health care system, with Mississippi, for example, having to open a field hospital.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that individuals be fully vaccinated in areas with high transmission density indoors due to the high incidence of infection.

There have been some breach cases of fully vaccinated individuals who contracted the virus, but only a few of these resulted in hospitalization or death.

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The delta variant is the main reason for the increase in cases as it has spread faster than previous virus strains.

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