Astronauts complete China’s first tandem spacewalk

Early Sunday morning, two Chinese astronauts completed work outside their country’s Tiangong space station. This event was the second ever spacewalk in China’s history. Such as The guardian pointing toIt’s also the first time astronauts have completed a tandem extra-vehicular activity (EVA).

Shenzhou-12 astronaut Boming Liu left the station at 8:11 p.m. ET on July 3 and was later joined by his colleague Hongbo Tang. Meanwhile, Haisheng Ni, the expedition leader, remained inside the Tianhe crew unit “Harmony of the Heavens” to support them.

The two astronauts went out to do work on the unit’s robotic arm while wearing China’s next-generation Feitian EVA suits. All the while they were about 380 kilometers (236 miles) above the Earth’s surface. The components they have installed will help with future missions as China looks to complete its new mission A space station sometime in 2022. Liu and Tang returned to Tianhe at about 2:57 AM ET, making the entire spacewalk about seven hours.

“The safe return of astronauts Liu Beoming and Tang Hongbo to the Tianhe core unit marks the complete success of the first spacewalk in the construction of our country’s space station,” the China Manned Space Agency He said in a statement.

The last time a Chinese astronaut left his spacecraft was in 2008 when Zhigang Zhai put China in the history books as the third country ever to complete a spacewalk. Last year, the country succeeded The first rover has landed on Mars And the Retrieval of rock and soil samples from the Moon. The country’s space agency is planning a second spacewalk before the Shenzhou-12 crew returns to Earth later this year.

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