Astronauts from the space station spot a strange glow over Europe

Here’s why “very rare” happens.

lightning in the sky

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) detected an eerie blue glow over Europe early last month.

The flare was a “transient luminous event,” according to the French astronaut Thomas Bisquet on Twitter. This phenomenon occurs when there is lightning in the upper atmosphere at higher altitudes where it usually occurs.

Bisquet wrote on the site Flickr Post From the picture. “The space station is very suitable for this observatory because it is flying over the equator where there are more thunderstorms.”

European Space Agency / NASA – T. Biscuits

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One of the benefits of being on the International Space Station is the ability to study atmospheric events that we wouldn’t be able to do on Earth. These events—sometimes given fantasy-inspired names like elves and orcs—may affect our climate.

“What’s so impressive about this lightning is that it was only a few decades ago that they were spotted by pilots and scientists weren’t convinced they actually existed,” Bisquet wrote on Flickr. Fast forward a few years and we can confirm that elves and orcs are very real and can affect our climate as well!

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