Biden Inauguration 2021: What Jennifer Lopez said in Spanish

at The opening is on WednesdayIn the place where the rebels stormed the Capitol police officers and stormed the headquarters of the representative government two weeks ago, The star is Jennifer Lopez at same time Her musical performance He raised a finger and announced: «One nation, under God, indivisible, freedom and justice for all!»

That was the last sentence of loyalty, O people: «One nation, under God, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all.» (At the distance of the shot behind Lopez, the masked guest at the inauguration can be seen bending over to the person next to her with an expression of interrogation.)

Viewers on social media have reserved a portion of their reactions for now. Some said they were painting Trump supporters spontaneously angry at using anything other than American English.

“Some people are about to be so angry about J Lo dropping that Spanish out there,” so tweeted journalist and podcast presenter Jemele Hill, along with some laughing emojis. «And people, you know who I mean.»

But it was a familiar kind of indulgence for Lopez, who last year co-chaired a newspaper Show the end of the first half Super Bowl with ShakiraShe covered a Puerto Rican flag and sang on stage with her daughter Amy.

Lopez opened her inauguration with part of «This Land Is Your Land,» the 1940 folk song composed by Woody Guthrie, who was — by the way — one of My active subscription And an ally of the workers.

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She followed national prosperity with another J Le Touch, the sweeping remembrance of her 1999 song, «Let’s Live Up». Lopez’s paradox is to bring the crowd-pleasing stadium anthem into a relatively small sound, A party far from society After a year of pandemic he was not lost on Twitter.

«Trump took the oath. How bad is that?» Wrote writer and illustrator John Paul Bramer in a tweet on Twitter. “Broken down to JLo was crushed by Let’s Get Loud amid the ashes of a capital insurgency attempt. Hundreds of thousands have died.” Bernie [Sanders] Wearing his little gloves. «

“I need to know if the Biden team knows JLo will be working on ‘Let’s raise a voice’ …, » the writer tweeted.

See more reactions to the Lopez inauguration mix below.

Times Christi Carras staff writer contributed to this report.

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