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A group of prominent communications professionals urged Democrats to launch an offensive against Republican and right-wing disinformation, by creating a year-round campaign to sell the achievements of the Democratic Party and combat the lies told to the American public.

at public speech To the Democratic National Committee and Democratic funders, communications experts have warned that the right is succeeding in driving “highly targeted and effective disinformation attacks across digital media.”

By contrast, the experts said, Democrats and the left suffer from a «lack of competitive countermeasures of sufficient size» — and risk allowing the right to dominate the narrative and entrench conspiracy theories among Americans that will hamper the Democrats’ election time.

Stop waiting until the last minute to convince Americans of the issues that decide elections. Build a campaign infrastructure that’s always on, rather than standing still and taking down between election cycles,» said the Persuasion USA Alliance, made up of a former creative director at Laura DunnAnd the front page live Executive Director Stacy Whittle, And the Midas Touch Founder Ben Micellas, among other things.

“The lack of consistent, long-term messaging and media campaigns between election cycles remains one of the most critical gaps in communications capabilities—one that has contributed to poor results in 2020, and one that gives bad actors in the opposition to disinformation a competitive advantage as 2022 approaches. and a gap that may be one of the main reasons for the great United States’ slide toward authoritarianism in 2024.»

The group said Democrats need to build long-term marketing strategies that «look beyond the next election and plan decade after decade toward the country we hope to have 30 years from now,» to address «a one-sided advantage that favors lie providers.»

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Persuasion USA Coalition wrote: «Let us not abandon the millions of hearts and minds of this nation to arming disinformation.» «It’s time for financiers, policymakers, and even companies to spend more money and resources on programs that connect echo chambers and bring us all closer, black, white or brown.»

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