California aims to double the vaccination rate in a new partnership with Blue Shield

California aims to vaccinate up to 3 million people a week by March 1 — more than twice the current rate — under a distribution contract with Blue Shield that went into effect Monday. The target was set even as the provinces continued to face frustrating supply problems.

The partnership with Blue Shield aims to fix what was until now a messy and bumpy vaccination process in California, highlighted in the Bay Area this week by opening one major vaccination site while two others were closed due to vaccine shortages.

Oakland Coliseum opened Tuesday morning as the largest vaccination site in Alameda County. The state began taking appointments for the clinic Sunday at — the online booking platform. But across the bay, San Francisco public health officials said clinics at Moscone and City College in San Francisco would close for a week due to the city running out of vaccine. Similar closures have hit vaccine sites in Southern California.

The auspicious opening and disappointing shutdowns are some of the most visible signs of the struggle to quickly and efficiently vaccinate people in California. Access to the vaccine has often been unpredictable, and residents have expressed frustrated confusion over when and how they will be able to get their vaccinations.

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