‘Call Me Kat’ Summary: Episode 1 — Mayim Bialik ‘Miranda’ Remake on Fox

Have you ever felt like a plastic bag, drifting in the wind, and wanting to start over?

Sorry, Mayim BialikKat Silver couldn’t relate.

The The Big Bang Theory Fox titles grad Call me Kat, Loose remake of the beloved British comedy series Miranda Who is the star of the original series Miranda Hart among the executive producers (along with Bialik’s ex-TV husband, Jim Parsons). In a little while, we’ll want to hear what you think of the adaptation in the US — but first, a brief summary of the series’ premiere:

In the wake of her father’s death, Kat decides to give up her successful career as a math professor and use her life savings to open a cat cafe in Louisville, Kentucky, which she runs with the help of her trusted employee, Phil (Will & Grace Veterinarian Dr/Instagram Sensation Leslie Jordan (and Randy)One on oneKayla Pratt). Kat’s mother, Sheila)Mike and MollySwoosie Kurtz), feared that her daughter’s career change would be a step in the wrong direction, and she doesn’t think the 39-year-old will be truly happy until she finds herself a husband. «The Rad Cat Lady» tries to convince her mother otherwise — through song, no less! (Cue to ‘fireworks’ by Katy Perry) — But she’s doing nothing to herself when she tries to pass an openly gay elephant as her older boyfriend into BFF Tara’s (BH90210Vanessa Lachey vowed to renew.

Kat’s one-on-one plans likely collapsed forever when the college smash Hot Max — err, Max (American horror storyCheyenne Jackson) — Returns to Kentucky after a decade in Europe, where he recently exited a long-term relationship. After several tours — first at the local pub where he currently patronizes the pub, then at Tara’s wedding — Max heads to the café and asks Kat if she’d like to catch dinner. Too excited Kat takes him based on his width and then accidentally kicks him in the face, potentially breaking his nose.

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Before you weigh your first impressions, here are some potential talking points for the comments section:

* For those of you who are not familiar with the original MirandaThe BBC comic is broadcast for free on IMDBtv What do you think of the continuous fourth wall breaking? How about cast introductions Initially at the end of the ring?

As for a comic series set in a cat cafe, didn’t you expect there to be more cats?

Call Me Kat - Draw the Sound of Music* Are you buying Mayim Bialik and Vanessa Lachey as good friends for life?

* The sound of Music Painting (pictured, right): objects of nightmares, or fickle artwork?

Well, you have your own walking commands. Degree Call me Kat First offer below, then Drop a comment with your full opinion.

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