China’s Tianwen-1 probe to Mars has returned this must-watch video

China’s Tianwen-1 probe has rebroadcast a new video of its orbit around Mars, a few months before the relatively crowded space movement around the Red Planet. Follow the video, released by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) The first image of the probe of Mars Which was shared earlier this month, after it completed its nearly seven-month journey from Earth.

Tianwen-1 launched on July 23, 2020, and actually consists of several components rather than just one spacecraft. On the other hand, there is the Orbiter, designed to give a bird’s-eye view of Mars with a battery of sensors and instruments. It’s what so far returned snapshots of the red planet.

Meanwhile, the rover was designed to be sent to the planet’s surface. There, it will detect tools such as a ground penetrating radar, magnetic field detector, multi-spectrum camera and composite surface detector, to take readings from the ground and below. However, this process is not set to begin until May or June 2021, as Orbiter needs to gather information about an improved target landing area first.

Therefore, Orbiter will use its medium-resolution camera — which has a resolution of about 328 feet from an orbit of about 250 miles — and a high-resolution camera that increases the resolution to less than 7 feet from the same distance. The new CNSA video is actually based on still images captured sequentially by the engineering survey subsystem on the solar panel wing and tracking antenna, and media supported by China. CCTV Plus Reports, with one shot every 3 seconds for about half an hour.

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The result is a lower resolution than the images that will be collected later for the landing rover planning. In fact, the engineering survey subsystem is actually aimed at observing the orbit itself, allowing things like solar panel deployment to be monitored.

However, it suffices to see a new view of Mars from the successful mission so far. According to CNSA, the clip was taken when Tianwen-1 was approximately 250 miles from the planet’s surface at its closest point. It appears that it is entering the elliptical orbit, and some devices are emerging from orbit.

The Tianwen 1 rover is destined for a one-way trip, and is not designed to return to orbit or Earth. However — much like NASA intends to do with perseverance, Its Mars rover is currently on its way — CNSA aims to collect samples for future collection by another mission. This was suggested at some point in the 1930s, when another spacecraft would be dispatched to collect soil and rock samples that Tianwen-1 had stored.

Perseverance will be the last of three simultaneous projects to send spacecraft to Mars to reach the planet. Emirates spacecraft have It has already reached orbit.

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