Dan Campbell emerges as the Detroit Lions’ favorite for the next trainer position


Free Press journalists Carlos Monares and Dave Burkett on January 14, 2021, will discuss Detroit Lions’ decision to appoint Brad Holmes as managing director.

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Get ready to pull Dan Campbell’s old # 89 shirt from underneath the dirty laundry. Detroit black Fans.

Tight end of the former Lyons who He was in the infamous team 0-16 in 2007On Friday, he came out as the favorite to be named the next head coach of the Lions team.

Campbell is Assistant Saints coach and tight-fitting coachAnd, with New Orleans still in the post-season phase, he can only personally meet the Lions after his season ends, so any final official announcements are suspended. The Saints host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday night in a playoff match at NFC.

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One day after The Lyons hired Brad Holmes as their new general managerCampbell seems to have climbed to the top of the Lions coach’s roster. By default, they met six candidates It was scheduled to speak with Boss on Friday, the seventh defense coordinator Todd Bowles, but both sides I agreed to cancel. «He’s not going to be their next coach anyway, so they sought out,» NFL’s Mike Jaravolo wrote on Twitter.

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Of the six candidates Lions met, Four remain on the board: Campbell, Daryl Bevel, Marvin Lewis, and Eric Binemi. Robert Saleh went to the New York Jets, And Arthur Smith canceled his in-person interview with The Lions and was said to have received an offer from the Atlanta Falcons.

Along with the Lions, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Houston Texans and the Falcons So far to designate a head coach. Jacksonville Jaguars hired Urban Meyer.

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Campbell has previous coaching experience, serving as interim coach for the Miami Dolphins in 2015, moving 5-7 after replacing dismissed Joe Phillipine.

It is set by the Saints after the season and In his fifth year As a coach, Senior Lieutenant Sean Payton.

Campbell played 19 games with lions In 2006-08, including all 16 games in 2006, when he had 21 passes for 308 yards and four touchdowns.

The third round of Texas A&M was chosen by the New York Giants, his career spanning the 1999-2008 NFL, playing 114 matches with the Giants, the Dallas Cowboys and the Lions.

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