Drew Press to think about a lot of things as retirement rumors grow

Drew Press He might have played his last game in the NFL.

The New Orleans SaintsLoss to Tampa Bay Pirates In the advance round of the Sunday evening playoffs it could be the last time the future Hall of Famer fits in the league. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports I mentioned Brees will be over after the Saints’ playoff tour ends.

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Bryce was asked about his future during the post-match press conference.

«I will give myself a chance to think about the season, think about a lot of things, just like I did last year and make a decision,» he said, via ESPN.

He added that he «does not regret» the fall of the season.

Bryce is seen at the end of the night talking to Tom Brady. It wasn’t clear what the two were talking about, but the Buccaneers midfielder managed to throw a pass to Ben Brees amid their conversation.

Tom Brady describes Drew Press as an « incredible player and competitor » after a possible final match

The longtime Saints midfielder waved goodbye to the limited number of fans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and sent kisses to his family who had been in the pavilion watching the playoff match.

Brees had three loss objections. He added a landing pass and 134 yards.

Sean Payton was asked about Bryce’s future, and Payton replied that he thought the question concerned «another press conference.»

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If this were really Brees’ last game, he would retire as the all-time captain in yard passes with 80358 yards and second in all-landing passes with 571. Brady is # 2 in all passing yards ever (79204) and no .1 at all times the touchdown passes (581).

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