Dwayne Haskins needs a new agent, too

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Quarterback free agent Dwayne Haskins He needs a new team. He also needs a new agent.

Haskins and David Mulugeta are the first athletes The parties agree to block the roadsAccording to Adam Shifter of ESPN.com.

The term «mutual agreement» is often used as a public relations aiming tool. Rarely is this type of separation truly mutual. Perhaps Haskins thought he received bad advice. Mulugeta probably thinks Haskins has ignored good advice. Regardless, the odds that the two sides decide by coincidence, reciprocal, and at the same time separate, seem like an extension.

Mologeta and Athletes First are entitled to fees for the remainder of Haskins’ secured contract with Washington. Consequently, the agency has a clear interest in helping the player fight any effort to withhold more than $ 4.2 million in unpaid salary, should Washington decide to attempt not to pay Haskins for 2021 or 2022, the last two years under the rookie deal.

Haskins is still 23 years old and has time to change his football career. He will need to make a good decision about where to continue his career. He would need a good agent to guide him through the process of selecting a new team, and possibly selling a reluctant team to give Haskins a second chance.

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