Elon Musk proposes to turn a spacecraft into a giant space telescope

The “same ship” could serve as the “hull for a new giant telescope.”

giant telescope

SpaceX spacecraft can do just that Download the first astronauts to the lunar surface since the Apollo missions, sweep up Our planet’s orbit is increasingly scattered, and maybe it helps too Create a city on Mars.

Now, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says it could also be used to bring astronomical observations into the 21st century.

at Tweet WednesdayMusk suggested that the “same ship” could serve as a “hull for a new giant telescope” with ten times the resolution of NASA’s Hubble — an indication that the billionaire still has a lot of big ideas left for the company’s spacecraft.

Hubble’s successor?

According to Musk, an astrophysicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Sol Perlmutter proposed the idea of ​​turning the spacecraft into a massive space telescope.

This news comes after NASA’s aging Hubble Space Telescope was forced to lay down its scientific investigations pause Last month due to a software glitch. NASA scientists now desperately searching To repair put the telescope back on track.

at Previous TweetMusk outlined his plans for the Mars-bound rocket to serve as a “dedicated deep space variant” that could be refueled in orbit, and could allow SpaceX to launch heavier payloads to faraway destinations, including the Moon and Mars.

rocket performance أداء

a Table The one published by NASA’s Launch Services Program today compared the performance of various rockets, including SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. According to figures, a “consumable” version of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, a heavy-lift variant of the company’s shaft-powered Falcon 9 rocket, is capable of sending more than 26,000 pounds to Mars.

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Spacecraft, however, can increase this number Almost ten times If it is developed according to plan. SpaceX still has a lot of work to do before the first spacecraft goes into orbit, not to mention one that can turn itself into a giant telescope once it gets there.

The first prototype may make its first attempt to reach orbit In the coming weeks, with a sprinkler scheme in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

But once established as a stable platform, like its predecessor Falcon 9, the Starship has a chance to push the boundaries of astronomy by continuing Hubble’s legacy in orbit.

More about the spacecraft: Elon Musk says the new spacecraft will “ignite” in unwanted space

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