‘Enchanting sight’: ISS site showing Earth’s ‘glowing’ horizon at night leaves netizens in awe

Thanks to the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS), enthusiasts are always on hand for some great stuff as they keep sharing photos from outside the world. In a recent post, the International Space Station has left everything intrigued once again by sharing a rare sight: the Earth’s horizon at night.

While the twinkling lights of urban landscapes seen from outer space are no longer a surprise, recent images shared by the International Space Station have shown what the horizon looks like at night. “Earth’s horizon at night is surrounded by an atmospheric glow surrounded by stars in these images from the station.” The agency wrote while sharing some amazing shots.

The prism captured the beauty of not only the artificial lights illuminating the Earth’s surface but highlighting how beautiful the ring of natural light against the starry backdrop of space is.

Along with the photos, they’ve attached a link directed to the NASA Johnson photo gallery on Flickr, allowing enthusiasts to check out more photos along with details of where in the world they were filmed. One of the photos taken by a crew member showed the city lights Englandand the Netherlands, Belgium and France, while another plane was taken when the International Space Station was orbiting over Afghanistan. The photo not only showed the city lights of India and Pakistan, but the well-lit border separating the two countries was also captured.

The International Space Station and NASA are famous for posting cool and awesome images with astronomical themes across their handles on various social media platforms. From a recent photograph depicting a cosmic rose to me black hole tsunamiAnd Their posts often leave netizens intrigued to learn more and this time was no different.

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Since the post was shared by ISS, it has garnered nearly 120K likes on Instagram and thousands of tweets on Twitter too. It seemed that people could not get over the beauty of the glowing earth mixed with the aura of the stars.

Here’s how netizens react to the photos.

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