Feast your eyes on the 12 award-winning astronomy photos


Leonardo Di Maggio’s “Heavenly Fracture” depicts many different parts of Saturn.
picture: Leonardo Di Maggio

There were two joint winners of the Annie Maunder Prize for Image Creativity, both of whom used innovative techniques in their compositions. One of them – Leonardo Di Maggio’s “Heavenly Fracture” – is a collection of images of Saturn and its moons and its rings. All the Pictures were taken by Cassini spacecraft Between 2004 and 2007. TTogether, the images are a strange mixture of straight lines (mostly rings) and Curves (from the spherical shape of the planet). all black and white, hmm It allows the viewer to focus on the geometric shapes of the planet without distracting its colors.

Imad Ahmed, the competition judge and DrDirector of the new Crescent Society, in a statement by the Royal Observatory Greenwich. “We associate Saturn with its timeless rings, but the semi-cubist treatment, with its awkward angles, provided a refreshing perspective that truly captured the judges’ imaginations.”


Dazzling panorama of Jupiter teams.
picture: Sergio Diaz Ruiz

Another winner is “Another Cloudy Day on Jupiter” by Spanish director Sergio Diaz Ruiz. The name of the picture pretty much speaks for itself: IIt’s a closer look at a slice of our favorite products Invasive giant, is a slurry of orange, rust, and off-white flowers. The image was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope on a number of different channels and has been color-edited.

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