Final Match Report — Second Australia vs India Test 2020


Join us for updates, analysis, and color throughout the opening day of the second test

Welcome to our third day live report in the Australia Test Series of India Verses from Adelaide. Join us for updates, analysis and color. you can find The traditional commentary is ball-ball here

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11.00 am: Early strike for India

India was rewarded for some good early bowling by removing Joe Burns for a duck. Jasprit Bumrah was particularly challenging with the new ball and found a thin edge of Burns in the third round to make it into the boxing Day Championship succession in the opening match. The pace is encouraging and on the field there are signs India can get her to work hard. Matthew Wade looked so confident, he managed to make some nice moves through the other side against Umesh Yadav.

10.15 a.m .: Diano reset

MCG’s Dan Prettig on how one of Australia’s greats was honored

The Dean Jones estimate will take on many different dimensions during the test. An entire area of ​​MCG seats was handed over to Jones ‘big picture, while spectators were encouraged to «gain weight» in honor of Jones’ habit of likewise when he plays. The Jones family will be in attendance at the MCG for the match, with a tea time video tribute scheduled for 3.24pm, recognizing the baggy Jones number as well as his highest score in First Division of 324 against South Australia in one day / Sheffield Shield night match at the MCG In 1994-95.

10.05 am: Australia gets first

The coin fell in favor of Tim Payne and he was happy with the bat first. Wonder Agencia Rahan was glad he did not have to make the decision. If there is any early life, Gaspreet Bomrah should be able to find it.

Here is more on The other Indian comer, Muhammad Saraj

9.50 am: Presentation Report

Damien Fleming, at Channel Seven, says there are 11mm of turf on this pitch. It might interest bowlers on both sides, but this is definitely day one. It is a clear, sunny and warm day. India needs to put Adelaide’s beating performance behind them ASAP.


«Australia has clear loopholes that India can still exploit.»

9:30 am: Boxing Day at G.

Welcome all to one of the highlights of the cricket calendar: MCG Boxing Day. For a long time it looked like this wasn’t going to happen, so it’s great that the series has got here and we’ve got 30,000 fans. Just to sum up our place in this competition — India has to find a way to bounce back from being the aggregate to get the lowest test scores (36) on Adelaide a week in advance. We already know they were made Four changes to try to do this — Two of them were assumed in the absence of Ferat Al-Kohli and Muhammad Al-Shami — but it will be a huge task. Australia is still without David Warner and they have named a team that has not changed. Often times you don’t have both XIs confirmed 24 hours after a match. The draw is half an hour.

India will participate for the first time: Shabman Gil and Muhammad Siraj. If you want to learn more about Jill, an extremely talented batsman, take a look at this piece below.

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