Fisherman dies of flesh-eating bacteria from cut oysters

A famous fishing boat guide in Texas tragically died last month after contracting a predatory “flesh-eating” bacteria from an apparently harmless wound.

Raymond “Skipper” H. Mok, 61, of South Padre Island is said to have contracted the infection or fish poisoning – a bacterial infection commonly associated with eating raw or undercooked seafood or exposing open wounds to water, The Houston Chronicle reported. Family and friends think he most likely picked up the meat-destroying microbes through chunks of shellfish, According to Newsweek.

The hunter officially died on July 30 of organ failure due to sepsis, a “life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s response to infection damages its tissues.” at Mayo Clinic.

“It’s a very invasive disease,” said Dr. Sandra Lozano, a physician with the Texas Department of Health Services.

Mock founded Catch the Fish Charter Service after graduating from high school.
Mock founded Catch the Fish Charter Service after graduating from high school.

Mock spent almost his entire life in San Padre, where he learned to fish from his grandfather, According to his After graduating from high school, the avid fisherman started the fishing service in 1982, hence becoming a popular figure in the fishing community. Over the course of his hunting career, Skipper won numerous hunting championships and helped turn Cameron County into a hunting mecca.

Mock’s sudden death prompted an outpouring of support from his friends and former clients.

“Captain Skipper Mock, my special friend and brother of over thirty years. I fondly considered a member of my family,” he wrote Close friend of John Dargan on Facebook. “A man of steel with a heart of gold. The best sea captain you could hope to fish with. Rest in peace, captain. We will remember and think of you every day.”

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Mock helped establish Cameron County as a desirable fishing destination.

Another friend added Joseph Farah“It is sad to hear that a great guide and captain of the South Padre’ Capt Skipper Mock, has died of complications from a flesh-eating virus he contracted from pieces of shellfish.

“It was always a very serious, very fast deal,” he continued. “Anytime you have a wound or an area that becomes quickly infected or painful after being in Gulf waters, don’t hesitate.”

In fact, According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Preventioninfiltration wound Vibrio vulnificus It proves fatal to about 1 in 5 people, while others often require intensive care or even amputation of limbs.

He scoffed at a huge weak fish.
He scoffed at a huge weak fish.

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