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Saturday 18 September 2021

On the morning of Friday, September 17, a thunderous rumble was heard over the mountainous region between eastern West Virginia and Virginia. Even the ground was shaking. Initial reports of an earthquake or explosion in Shenandoah County appeared blank.

Then a power outage was reported in Hardy County, West Virginia, which helped narrow the search.

time has been reportedAround 10:25 AM‘, which is in the morning with a cloudy sky. It was hard to see what happened, but it caught the attention of NASA.

GOES-16 . flash intensity

Next, the GOES-16 Satellite Flash Density producer displayed a flashing area over Hardy County. Under normal circumstances, this may represent lightning. The problem, there were no storms nearby.

audio video)

My friend Aubrey Urbanovich is WHSV’s chief meteorologist and has worked hard on this story from the start.

I have posted several home videos, but this is my favorite and the most compelling where you can see the dog’s reaction to the loud bang.

satellite image

Here we can see the location of the flash superimposed on the satellite image. Clouds obscured the sky, but it probably enhanced the acoustics. This is also the reason why many people dismissed this as thunder.

Meteor Flash Satellite Sep 17

Flash animation

From NASA Meteor Watch

  • Brightness Volume = -12; Like a full moon
  • energy Between 1 and 2 tons of TNT
  • Mass = about 50 lbs
  • Speed = 45,000 miles per hour

The fragmentation of the body resulted in a pressure wave that was recorded by seismographs and ultrasound equipment in the area. A very fast analysis of the infrasound signal indicates an energy of a few tons of TNT, in reasonable agreement with the GLM energy estimate.”

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Signal from the local ultrasound station

“A signal from a local ultrasound station, generated by the pressure wave generated when the object is fragmented.”


Video/audio: booming higher

tracking map

Thanks to Mike Hankey of the American Meteorite Society, this map shows 11 reports of the event. This helps to triangulate and narrow the site and path.

Meteor-Fireball-Meteorite -17 Sep

More details: Click here for the full report

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