«I thought it was normal»

A woman has issued a warning to her followers after revealing that what appeared to be a «normal» bump in her stomach was actually a fatal health condition.

TikTok user and influencer Kylie Reese Urge other women and people who have ovaries to see a doctor if they have similar concerns.

In her post, she shared a clip of another user on TikTok who described the similar bump on her stomach as «normal,» saying there’s «nothing to be ashamed of.» There’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of, and there’s a file It could be completely normal Many people have bumps on their stomachs from fat or in the womb.

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However, the one Reese had had a serious cyst. The 23-year-old explained that over the past year she has noticed her stomach growing to the point that it has become uncomfortable to lie on her face.

«When I first started noticing it, I thought it was weight gain. Over the course of the year it kept growing and it popped to the point [where] I’m starting to look out of proportion to my body,» I told Newsweek. “At the beginning of June, I was constantly fighting nausea and dizziness. I went back to my hometown and showed my mom the mass.”

She explained in the comments that she eventually realized that the bump wasn’t «normal» because it was quite hard and hard. She also had constant nausea and dizziness.

After feeling the bump herself, Reese’s mother took her to the emergency room. She underwent a CT scan, which revealed an 8.5-inch cyst on her ovary.

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“They told me they had never seen one this big on someone my age,” she said. «I was due to have emergency surgery where they removed the cyst, leaving a scar from my belly button to the top of my pelvis.»

Fortunately, the cyst was benign, but she said it was more likely to turn into cancer if she didn’t act fast enough.

Reese told Newsweek that she wants to use her platform to spread awareness about the condition and plans to donate a portion of the profits from her clothing line, Save Kay Boutique, to a different Cancer Foundation every month.

«If I take one thing from this video, it’s ‘Look at the bumps,'» she said in her post, «I thought it was normal.» But to raise awareness. «

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