Images from NASA’s Mars probe show cliffs, rocks and landings

NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft hasn’t even begun to roam the red planet yet, but it does Cameras I was busy at work.

A set of rugged, ready-made sports cameras captured unprecedented footage of the vehicle as it descended to Mars and landed at Jezero Crater on Thursday. Then the rover’s scientific and navigational cameras began to capture as soon as it reached Earth. The results are amazing.

So far, NASA has published more than 4,700 images from the probe, and there are more to come.

“It was a huge amount of data,” Justin Mackie, the persistence imaging scientist and head of the Hardware Operations team, said at a news conference Monday.

New photos reveal sand dunes, rocks and distant cliffs 200 feet from the bottom of the ancient lake where perseverance now sits. It’s the most dangerous terrain ever targeted by any Mars landing, but it is already paying off in unprecedented images of the red planet.

Mackie said, “I review photos of Mars, like, every day. That’s what I do. And when I saw these pictures coming down, I have to say, I was really amazed.” “I know it’s been a difficult year for everyone, and we hope these photos help make people’s day brighter.”

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