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The jury is still out on whether life after death is real, even though most of the world’s religions claim to know the answer. Scientifically, there is very little evidence that the human soul lives outside the body. However, some people claim to have glimpsed a glimpse into the afterlife, having gone through so-called near-death experiences (NDEs).

According to Mr. Nye, most people imagine that life after death involves our souls taking on an idealized version of ourselves from our past.

However, Mr. Nye argued that this is highly improbable because most people tend to die in old age, which makes it unusual for a soul to not resemble us at the moment of our death.

He said, “Everyone will die. I have not met anyone who will not die.

“I’ve never met anyone of a certain age who hasn’t actually died. It’s disgusting!

“Now this is the proof of why I don’t believe in the afterlife.”

“So watching ourselves die is to me irrefutable proof that there is no life after death.

“There is certainly none – there seems to be no reason to believe that when you die, you will return to your optimal age with your optimal athletic ability at your optimal mental acuity.”

Mr Nye added, “Evolution, if it’s an entity, you don’t really care, man.

“You have your children, your genes are passed on and they expire.

“You lose your faculties as you run out of strength and that’s just how it is.”

According to Manchester Metropolitan University, Neil Dagnall and Ken Drinkwater, there is no definitive answer as to why some people claim to have witnessed the afterlife.

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However, the researchers said that ongoing studies will shed more light on this phenomenon.

In a 2018 article published in The Conversation, they said, “Whether paranormal or not, NDEs are extremely important.

“It provides meaning, hope, and purpose for many people, while offering an appreciation of the human desire to survive after death.”

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