Man bumped through video game controller after lighting strike

lightning bolt

Photo: Mladen Antonov (Getty Images)

man from Robertson County, Tennessee was playing a video game Saturday night during a storm when a nearby lightning bolt struck him directly control wire.

as such WKRN ReportsThe man was playing after dinner when He was injured, and emergency services were called for help.

Josh Rice, assistant director of emergency medical services for Robertson County, told News 2 that at about 9:15 p.m. Saturday, paramedics responded to a call from a man who was struck by lightning in Greenbrier.

When the crew arrived, they said they had determined that the man’s house was either hit or struck by lightning nearby, and he was shocked by the video game controller.

while this sounds Bad, it’s fine! He was able to make the call, and when the ambulance crews arrived, they found that he didn’t show up Injured, “He wanted to be checked to make sure he wasn’t infected.” She did not need to be taken to a local hospital.

Lightning strikes while playing video games is no joke! I remember playing San Andreas On my PS2 in the day and a tree right outside my bedroom window struck by lightning. He didn’t go through anything I was carrying or sitting on – unlike this unlucky guy –But my TV was fried in a strange way, and then it would only appear in varying shades of purple.

And while this may sound like a one in a million event, only in the last year has karma happened, Professional Rocket League player, He was playing a game during a storm, holding a wired video game console, and the exact same thing happened.

In this case, she was worse off than the Robertson County guy, like Karma In fact, she got burns on her handThe shock melted the USB port on the console she was using.

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