NASA helicopter on Mars launches ‘most nerve-wracking flight since Flight 1’

Creativity saw its shadow during its ninth flight.


When NASA sent a creativity helicopter to Mars, it was a gamble. Now he is pushing his limits, flying fast and reaching new heights. NASA announced on Monday Creativity has successfully completed its ninth and most challenging flight to date.

NASA’s goal was to achieve big goals Through a «daring high-speed flight through unfriendly terrain» that would take the spinner away from its robotic friend, the Perseverance Rover.

Instead of just hopping in front of the rover, the helicopter took a shortcut over a sandy area, setting records for distance, air time, and speed in the process. It reached a speed of 16 feet (5 meters) per second and flew for 166.4 seconds while taking pictures of the landscape below.

The terrain below presented some new challenges for the helicopter’s navigation system, which was designed to handle somewhat flat terrain. Ingenuity had to understand «high slopes and undulations» and her team was concerned that the machine might accidentally land in a treacherous area. NASA described it as «The most nerve-wracking flight since Flight 1.»

Monday’s NASA announcement appears to indicate that the helicopter has handled itself well. Although the journey was risky, it made sense for what had always been considered a high-risk and rewarding technical experience.

Creativity has already overcome a variety of potential obstacles, from a Program glitch to me Anomaly on the plane.

“The successful flight will be strong evidence of the ability an aerial vehicle (and only air craft) can bring in the context of Mars exploration — travel quickly across otherwise impassable terrain while searching for interesting science targets,” NASA said. .

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