NASA postpones the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope after a “sudden” accident James Webb Space Telescope

The $10 billion (£ 7.5 billion) James Webb Space Telescope launched delayed again, after an incident during final preparations to place the telescope on top of his launch vehicle.

The spacecraft was scheduled to be sent into orbit on December 18, but now it will not be launched before December 22.

The space telescope It is located at the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, where it will be launched using an Ariane 5 rocket provided by the European Space Agency (ESA). The project is an international partnership between NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.

The accident occurred as technicians were preparing to attach Webb to the launch vehicle’s adapter, which would then be used to mount the telescope to the rocket’s upper stage. According to NASA, “the sudden and unplanned release of a band clampTakes place. The mounting bar attaches the spacecraft to the launch adapter and then launches into orbit, allowing the spacecraft to separate from the rocket. This unplanned launch caused a vibration that was transmitted through the telescope.

To make absolutely sure that the spacecraft is still in perfect condition, NASA He convened an anomaly board to investigate and perform additional tests on the spacecraft to make sure nothing was damaged. Once this is done, assuming no damage has occurred, preparations for launch will resume.

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