NASA provides an update on the “first priority” of perseverance since the Mars landing – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

Jigsaw NavCam on the deck of the Rover Tenacity: This view of the surface of the spacecraft was captured by the navigation cameras, or Navcams, on NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover on February 20, 2021. This view provides a closer look at PIXL (a planetary instrument of x-ray rock chemistry), one of the tools on the stored rover arm . Download Image ›

Members of the mission team participate in a virtual conference call to discuss milestones achieved so far since the February 18 landing and what to come.

Since NASA’s March 2020 Rover landed At Jezero Crater on February 18th, mission controllers made great progress as they prepared the rover for the unpaved road ahead. Members of the mission team from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California will discuss the “first missions” achieved to date and upcoming ones at a teleconference at 3:30 PM EST (12:30 PM PDT) Friday 5 March.

The conference audio and accompanying video will be streamed live on NASA JPL YouTube channel.

The rover progress discussion will be:

  • Robert Hugh, Deputy Director, Perseverance, JPL
  • Anis Zarifyan, Tenacity Test Bed Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Katie Stack Morgan, Deputy Scientist of Perseverance for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Project

Media members and the public may ask questions on social media during the call with #CountdownToMars.

Since landing, NASA’s largest and most advanced spacecraft to date has undergone checks on every system and subsystem and brought back Thousands of photos From Jizero Crater. These checks will continue in the coming days, and the rover will make its first drive. Every system inspection and milestone achievement represents an important step forward as the rover prepares for surface operations. The primary mission was defined as one Martian year, or 687 Earth days.

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To learn more about perseverance, visit:

And the

News and Media Contacts
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NASA Headquarters, Washington
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DC Agle
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.

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