NASA releases stunning panoramic view of Mars

The Red Planet is less mysterious to Earth viewers thanks to new images released by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, which reveal jagged mountainous terrain nearly 392.72 million kilometers from Earth.

The rover climbed over a mountain of Mars called Mount Sharp, which is five miles high with a basin 96 miles wide from Gale Crater on planet Earth. Pictures Released last week And picked up in early July.

The panorama above captures the view from this point. More images show flat but rocky terrain, against the backdrop of a large mountain range.

The researchers say that this site is located in an area with rich clay minerals with an area full of sulfate. Clay sediments and rocks Denotes the presence of water at some time in the past.

More sediment samples will help scientists discover the history of the terrain.

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«The rocks here will begin to tell us how this once-wet planet has changed to the dry Mars of today, and how long habitable environments persist even after this has happened,» She said Abigail Freeman, Curiosity’s deputy project scientist, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.

The agency’s Curiosity rover, which has been on the surface of Mars since 2012, uses an arm-mounted drill to make troughs, or holes drilled in rocks to collect geological samples.

While the rover has cleared Gale Crater, it is now heading down a path between Mount Rafael Navarro, named after the deceased mission scientist, and the highest peak of a four-story building. Within the next two years, Curiosity will revisit the Greenhaugh Pediment sandstone cliff.

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