NASA Spacewalk: Watch astronauts Kate Robins and Victor Glover outside the space station

Spacewalk will help continue upgrades to the space station orbiting Earth. The activity is expected to last about six and a half hours, and you can watch it live NASA website And NASA TV Channel.

Both NASA crew members are veteran astronauts at this point. Glover has already performed two spacewalks since arriving on the space station in November. This will be his third.

Robins previously performed spacewalks during her first orbit on the Space Station in 2016, so this will be her third as well.

If the Sunday spacewalk sounds earlier than the previous spacewalk – especially considering it happens on the weekends – well, it is. But Kenny Todd, deputy director of the International Space Station program, said during a press conference on Wednesday: “It is not an actual program from Monday to Friday.”

Robins and Glover will prepare for upcoming solar kit upgrades by assembling and installing modification kits.

While the station’s current solar arrays are still performing well, they are insulting. This deterioration is to be expected because they are only 15 years old and were installed in December 2000 – so they have exceeded the warranty period, so to speak.

All-new solar arrays will be placed in front of six of the arrays currently at the station later this year, increasing the plant’s power from 160 kW to 215 kW, according to NASA. The launch of solar arrays to the space station aboard the SpaceX spacecraft will begin in June.

During the spacewalk, Robins will be Crew Member 1 in the Suit with Red Stripes, and Glover will be Crew Member 2 in a Suit Without Stripes.

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NASA astronaut Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins perform a spacewalk on Wednesday

Robins will partner with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi on a spacewalk on March 5 to complete a number of tasks, including venting ammonia from an early ammonia system, replacing a radio video transmitter and receiver assembly, and installing a “booster” on the thermal cover in a room. Quest equation. This will prevent the cap from blowing when the atmosphere escapes whenever the hole is opened.

This will be flight No. 235 in the station’s history.

From Earth to Space

Earlier this week, Vice President Kamala Harris called and spoke with Glover On the space station.

Harris said, “Victor, it’s great to see you, the history maker that you do, we’re so proud of you.”

Glover is the first African American to lead a long-term space station mission in the history of the orbiting laboratory.

During their conversation, Harris and Glover discussed those who had come before Glover and inspired him.

“I think about that piece a lot,” Glover said. “All seven of us here are part of the amazing legacy of human spaceflight. It is a time that we must celebrate and we must appreciate it, but what really excites me most is the future of human spaceflight and the fact that this will be the future. This is what we will do. We want to make sure that we can continue.” To do new things. “

Harris agreed. “My mother used to tell me,” Kamala, you might be the first to do many things. Make sure you are not the last.

When Harris asked Glover about the first two spacewalks and his perspective on Earth, Glover said he took on the advice of his fellow crew members “to keep your world small, keep your focus on the thing right in front of you and slowly expand that. The cosmic vision.”

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Glover said that the first time he saw Earth while in space, he wanted to have fun with it for hours. But he focused on the many tasks that lay ahead and the space walk was “busy and beautiful”.

Glover also talked about how fragile the Earth is from space, especially its thin atmosphere and “how important it is to have human life on this planet.”

“It makes me want to do everything in my power to protect it,” Glover said.

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