NASA’s Curiosity Rover Discovers a Strange Martian Rock

As humanoid robots continue to crawl across the surface of Mars, they are sending more and more sights and sounds from the Red Planet. The Perseverance Wagon, for example, delivered a powerful stream of 360-degree surface views, from both ground And high in the air. Now, NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft has found something… intriguing. A small “eccentric” rock feature that resembles an exotic Martian rock. (Or maybe the little Onix from Pokemon?)

A small “eccentric” rock that features a stalagmite-like protrusion from the surface of Mars.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / LANL

Live Science It picked up a newly discovered Martian rock feature, which Curiosity glimpsed in the planet’s Gale Crater. Curiosity, which landed on Mars in 2012, has been exploring the 100-mile-wide crater for the past eight years. He sent out a huge set of images showing red rocky mountains, endless dusty terrain, and the Martian sky.

as such NASA’s Science Mission Directorate According to reports, Curiosity gazed at the “little hermetic arc” as it climbed (which is still going) through Aeolus Mons, also known as Mount Sharp. The 2,000-pound six-wheeled rover was making its way across the mountain in an attempt to analyze the sedimentary layers that transition from carrying mud to carrying sulfate. It shows you… Even on Mars, geology seems boring. (JK, it’s rocks.)

A look at the dusty red surface of Mars as seen from the Curiosity Rover's viewpoint.

A look at the dusty red surface of Mars as seen from the Curiosity Rover’s viewpoint.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

As for the feature itself, NASA says it’s only 6.5 inches long but displays an exceptionally unique texture. It’s not entirely clear what caused the intriguing, bumpy, crumbly structure to develop, but the way it springs upward from Mars surface Wonderful thing. One could speculate that this kind of shape could have formed from something dripping onto the ground over time. But this does not appear to be a possibility in this case.

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Despite the strangeness of the small surface feature, Curiosity is already continuing its journey. As of this writing, I may have already moved on to examining ‘Champeaux’, another nodular The cornerstone of interest. Perhaps there you can find some other rocky friends of this little creature. Maybe a mound of dust that resembles a Squirtle?

Featured Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / LANL / The Pokémon Company

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