NASA’s Curiosity rover video shows a new panoramic view of Mars

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory chest a Stunning panorama Inside of Gale Crater, as taken by Curiosity roaming. To celebrate the ninth Rover – ninth! – The year of the Red Planet Survey, the clip shows where the rover is, where it’s headed, and what we’ve learned in the past decade. This includes the startling fact that on a clear winter’s day when there is no dust in the air, you can see nearly 20 miles away.

The panorama as you mentioned Gizmodo, shows Curiosity’s journey up the side of Mount Sharp, and the detour you must take to avoid a large layer of Martian sand. As the rover moved on the side, the rock’s composition changed from a clay-rich base to a sulfide-filled base. As Deputy Project Scientist Abigail Freeman explains, researchers hope to learn more about how Mars loses its water ( Gale Crater used to be a lake, after all) and how long it took before it became the dry desert planet we see before us.

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