NASA’s International Space Station crew flies into space for the New Year — with the tilt of zero gravity

The crew is on board International Space Station The ISS rang in the new year with the development of zero gravity while in orbit about 250 miles from Earth.

Expedition 64 crew consists of NASA Astronauts Kate Robins, Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and the astronaut of the Japan Space Exploration Agency, Soichi Noguchi, wished those still on Earth a Happy New Year from space in A video posted on NASA’s social media.

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Glover said one of the most famous New Year’s Eve traditions is to watch the ball fall from Times Square in New York City, an event most people have had to watch on TV this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

«While many of us are celebrating the New Year from home this year, we have brought this famous tradition into space to share with you,» said Hopkins.

However, Noguchi added that since the astronauts were in a state of zero gravity, their celebration would have a «special turn.»

«We hope this inspires you to celebrate your own way,» Walker said.

The astronauts made a quick countdown, and Robins, carrying an inflatable ball, fired the ball in zero gravity. Instead of the typical ball drop, the globe floated directly over their heads.

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«happy New Year!» The crew cheered.

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