NASA’s Mars Perseverance spacecraft sends out an image of the smashing Mars landing stage

The higher contrast portion of the photo shows the shaft where the landing stage has broken apart.


NASA’s Perseverance on Mars has presented a new image of the red planet, A plume of smoke appears from where its landing stage affected the surface of Mars. One of the rover’s cameras captured the photo, tweeting the perseverance Wednesday.

«A moment of respect for the stage of disembarkation,» she wrote on Twitter. «Within two minutes of my being safely sent to the surface of Mars, I picked up a plume of smoke on one of my Hazcams from its intentional surface effect — an act of mine and the scientific safety of a landing site.»

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You can watch a video of the spacecraft being launched from the landing stage on the rocky planet Here. Perseverance is already back Sounds from Mars And prof boasted Panorama of the Red Planet.

Persevering for signs of ancient microbial life; Dust and rock sample collection: helicopter test; And the study of the Martian climate and geology.

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