NASA’s Mars probe faces another hurdle: pebbles

NASA agency determination Mars rover She encounters another obstacle in her mission to find evidence of Ancient microbial life.

In the course of continuing to collect samples of Martian rocks and regolith, which would eventually return to Earth, the rover faced a «new challenge».

NIXES MARS LIFE Study of meteorites found in Antarctica

“Some pebble-sized debris appears to be obstructing my robotic arms from delivering the tube to close/storage,” the Perseverance Team Tweet earlier this month.

Now, NASA’s Mars 2020 mission team says it has a plan for dealing with snags from the rover’s bit circuit: Operational sequences were developed and tested over the previous weekend and last week.

“With ground trials complete, we are beginning to implement our mitigation strategy on Mars,” Jennifer Trosper, project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), said in a statement. Friday books. “On January 12, we conducted a detailed image survey of the land below the Perseverance. This was done so that we would have a good idea of ​​the rocks and pebbles already there before more – from our little circle – joined them in the distant future.”

By filming, the team embarked on a robotic arm maneuver you «never imagined we’d perform — never».

The contents of the latest grained rock sample — the sixth rock core — will be returned to the surface of Mars in what Trosper described as a «fairly straightforward process».

The researchers said that the water that was discovered below the surface of the Martian

The team sent orders to the rover’s robotic arm on Thursday and Friday.

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«I imagine your next question is, ‘Why do you throw away the contents of the sample tube?'» The answer is that, at the moment, we’re not sure how long the grainy rocks will last in Tube 261. And while this rock will never appear on my holiday card list, the science team seems to really like it. So if our plans go well through Dilute the gravel (see below), we might very well try the Issole core (the rock from which this sample was taken) again.”

Further orders were scheduled for Friday to order the rover to perform two rotational tests of the bit circuit to be carried out this weekend.

“Our expectation is that these courses — and any subsequent movement of the gravel — will help guide our team, providing them with the necessary information on how to proceed. However, to be precise, we are also asking the rover to take a second set of hull photos, just in case a pop up. One or more pebbles,” Trosper continued.


She said the team expects to send images and data from the two tests to Earth by January 18.

«The persistence team is exploring every aspect of the problem to ensure that we not only get rid of this rock debris but also prevent a similar occurrence during future sampling. Essentially, we don’t leave any rock untouched in pursuit of these four pebbles,» Trosper concluded. .

Perseverance also ran into trouble during its first sampling attempt in August.

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