NASA’s SLS missile will undergo a second and longer hot fire test

NASA will Behavior A second hot-firing test of the Space Launch System’s primary stage rocket early in the fourth week of February. It will be part of the Green Run missile test series that aims to assess the base stage and ensure its readiness for the Artemis I mission, which will send an unmanned spacecraft from Orion to the moon. The missile The first hot fire test In mid-January, as all four of the RS-25 engines were fired simultaneously, the power was cut off due to a problem with its hydraulic system. What was supposed to be an eight-minute burn lasted only 67 seconds — NASA wants the second flight to last longer than that to be able to gather more data.

The agency set an eight-minute target for the second test as well, as this is the time it would take to send the missile into space. According to a NASA announcement, the Green Run team analyzed data from the first test launch and determined that four minutes would be sufficient to provide critical data that could help verify if the base stage is indeed ready to fly. «Conducting a second fire test will allow the team to repeat operations from the first hot test fire and obtain data on how the primary stage and the engines perform over a longer period that simulate more activities during the launch and ascent of the missile,» NASA wrote.

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