NASA’s spacecraft transmits the first sounds ever recorded on the surface of Mars

NASA’s persistent rover recorded and transmitted the first sound from the surface of Mars.

The Audio clips Monday with new video footage from the rover as it landed on Thursday.

The sound was captured by two microphones attached to the tenacity. In one of the videos, a windy noise can be heard.

perseverance It has landed successfully on Mars Last week, seven months after it was launched into space.

Dave Gruel, chief engineer of the rover’s camera and microphone subsystem, said that more clips will be coming from Mars as the perseverance continues its mission.

«We rely on these two tools to record some really amazing sounds from the surface of Mars,» Gruel said. NBC News.

«Imagine yourself sitting on the surface of Mars and listening to the surroundings,» Gruel told a news briefing. «It’s cool. Really stylish. Overwhelming, if you will.»

Last week NASA published a file First color photos of Mars. According to Hallie Gengl of NASA, the images are «really high-resolution» when compared to what was previously captured by NASA.

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