NBA player and coach Paul Westphal dies at age 70

Westphal died after a struggle with brain cancer, according to the University of Southern California, where he played from 1969 to 1972. His wife, Cindy, his two children and grandchildren survived.

Westphal was drafted by the Boston Celtics as the tenth choice for the 1972 NBA Draft, according to the USC. He won the NBA title with the Celtics team in 1974.

Over the course of his work 12 years working in the NBAHe has also played for the Phoenix Suns, Seattle SuperSonics, and the New York Knicks. In each of his five years with the Suns, Westphal scored no fewer than 20 points per match. It was selected for five consecutive all-star teams between the seasons 1976-77 and 1980-81.

After his playing career, Westphal entered training, starting in many small colleges. His 1988 Grand Canyon College team won the NAIA National Championship. Then he moved to the NBA as an assistant coach with the Suns.

He spent 10 seasons as head coach of three different NBA teams, including the Suns — which he coached to the NBA Finals in 1993 — Supersonics and the Sacramento Kings.

Westphal was introduced to College Basketball Hall of Fame In 2018 and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame In 2019.

«His toughness, skills and intellect made him a major contributor to the Boston Celtics Championship team in 1974,» said Silver, «and he’s a constant star with the Phoenix Suns.»

«He will be remembered for his generosity, leadership and love for the game, which defined his many years in the NBA,» Silver added. «We extend our deepest condolences to Paul’s wife, Cindy, and her family.»

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CNN’s Dakin Andoni contributed to this report.

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