New York Mets to acquire Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco from the Cleveland Indians in mega deal

The New York Mets gained a short star Francisco Lindor Right hand pitcher Carlos Carrasco In huge trade with the Cleveland Indians.

In contrast, Cleveland received short stopping points Amide Rosario And the Andres Jimenez And two potential players in the minor league — right winger Josh Wolf and defensive player Isaiah Green.

The trade marks the first major step by Mets since owner Steve Cohen completed his purchase of the franchise last year.

The Indians also saved big salaries for 2021, by separating Lindor ($ 19.5 million) and Carrasco ($ 12 million).

Since his MLB debut in 2015, Lindor has ranked among all WAR short stops (28.4), home run (138) and base extra hits, according to ESPN statistics and information.

It also ranks second in RBIs (411) and running (508), and fifth in OPS (.835) and slugging (.485), while hitting .285. At the age of 27, Lindor received four all-star nominations, two Golden Gloves and two Silver Sluggers to compete in the World Championships in 2016, and finished second in the 2015 Junior Vote.

The 33-year-old Carrasco was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019 and returned in the same season, becoming the MVP of the comeback. He was seventh in AL with 2.91 ERAs over 12 start of last season and sixth with 82 strikes in 68.0 rounds

Carrasco is 88-73 with 3.77 eras and 1,305 strokes in 242 games in his 11 years with Cleveland.

Rosario, 25, hit .268 with 32 Homer and 148 RBIs in 403 matches with the Mets from 2017-20.

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Jimenez, 22, hit 0.263 with three homeowners and 12 RBIs in 49 games last year.

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