Raheem Morris, Robert Saleh might hunt Kyle Shanahan’s pupils for the roles of OC

Raheem Morris and Robert Saleh may not be the prime candidates for the next major internship position in Atlanta. There is a rumor that Atlanta is looking for an offensive coach, maybe Arthur Smith from Tennessee or Eric Binemi from Kansas City, Morris is part of the old system and a temporary coach who did a great job but couldn’t get the Hawks. Over four wins a season. It’s good that both candidates are landing elsewhere, and most fans would probably feel comfortable with that.

There is an interesting report from Michael Silver about the tours this account may have come across for some fans. Those who have been clamoring for the Hawks to return to Kyle Shanahan’s old crew of crime management, may be interested in knowing that apparently Morris will be looking to fetch 49ers Game coordinator Mike McDaniel is running as his attack coordinator, while Saleh is said to be looking for Mike LaFleur as his attack coordinator.

Matt LaFleur was the go-to person for many Falcon fans, but his brother Mike and McDaniel have been with Shanahan for years and have been raised over and over as offensive coordinator candidates throughout the league, although nothing had happened until that point. With Matt LaFleur’s rise at Green Bay and the innovative trend of the young offensive coach continuing relentlessly in places like Cincinnati (with Zach Taylor as the head coach) and Carolina (with the inexperienced and talented Joe Brady in the attack coordinator), the intelligent coaches in depth have had relationships with Shanny will take bigger roles elsewhere.

This shows that the moderate friction that we thought we’d seen between Maurice and Dirk Koetier this season was real enough that Morris isn’t planning to take the most hated man in Atlanta with him elsewhere, he’s now interviewed in Atlanta and he’s going to do it in Jacksonville. Saleh is attracting a lot of attention as well, and he will help the defensive-minded coaches tie themselves to such prestigious coaches as McDaniel and LaFleur, who have seen their stars rise since they left Atlanta.

Does this report change your opinion about Morris or Saleh at all, or are you still hoping for two different candidates?

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