Rams QB Jared Goff Appointed for Thumb Surgery; Aims to return the comma

Los Angeles Rams midfielder Jared Gove is hoping to return to the qualifiers, but his team will have to get there first without him.

NFL’s Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that Goff was set to operate on his broken and dislocated right thumb on Monday and hopes he can make a comeback in the post-season period.

Gove will miss the regular season final of the team against the Arizona Cardinals, with John Wolford possibly starting out in Juve’s place.

Through 15 starts this season for the Rams (9-6), Goff shot 3,952 yards (263.5 per game) with 20 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. Play term on Sunday 9-20 loss To the Seattle Seahawks despite a thumbs-up.

Hollow He broke and dislocated his thumb When his hand collided with the Seahawks’ helmet in the third quarter. Later in the broadcast, Goof can be seen putting his thumb back in place.

A win or draw against the Cardinal (7-8) — losing the Chicago Bears or a tie — will settle the Rams tiebreaker on Sunday.

If that happens, Rapoport said, Gove is aiming to return to the qualifiers and believes he has got a chance.

Tom Bellisero of NFL reports that a celiac surgery will be performed by Dr. Stephen Sheen. Shane is Rams’ hand specialist who also repaired New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Breeze thumb last season.

While the Rams are going to go with a former AAF player, the Cardinals are hoping to have Kyler Murray (down the leg) to face Sunday, but if Murray can’t go, former Canadian League superstar Chris Streveler is # 1. 2 on the cards depth chart.

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