Removing a hair ball from the stomach of a teenager with Rapunzel syndrome

«Rapunzel, Rapunzel, get that poetry off!»

A 17-year-old British woman is recovering well after doctors discover that a foot-and-a-half ball of hair tore her stomach.

New report in BMJ Case Reports Describes the horrific conditions of a teenager with Rapunzel syndrome, who compulsively consumed her hair — enough to accumulate a hairball, called a trichome, in a clinical setting, is 19 inches long and fill her entire stomach, according to Queens Medical Center in Nottingham Doctors.

The patient was taken to hospital after two mysterious fainting spells caused bruising on her face. Doctors quickly ruled out a head injury after discovering a lump in a woman’s upper abdomen. She also described intermittent abdominal pain for the past five months, which intensified in the two weeks prior to hospitalization.

Then a computerized tomography (CT) scan revealed a large lump inside her «severely distended stomach», and a tear in the organ lining — at which point the patient’s psychological suffering became evident.

The teenager had a known history of trichotillomania, which is characterized by the need to pull hair, as well as hair pulling, which is the compulsive eating of hair.

Both conditions are rare, with only 0.5% and 3% experiencing trichotillomania. An estimated 10% to 30% of cases of trichotillomania are associated with trichotillomania. LiveScience reported. And the 2019 study In the pancreas He noted that among those who suffer from both disorders, only 1% develop a hair roller in the digestive system.

The hairy specimen has grown to such an extent that doctors discovered after surgical removal that the bezoar «formed a block of the entire stomach,» they write.

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Patient is lucky: Hairballs of this size were fatal — as happened with a 16-year-old girl from the UK in 2017, who He died of Rapunzel syndrome After hairy bezoar caused a fatal injury.

After a psychological evaluation and recovery after surgery, the woman was released in just seven days after the procedure. After one month, the doctors reported that she is «progressing well with dietary advice» and sees a therapist regularly.

Triple bezoar,
Women have had a known history of trichotillomania, which is characterized by the need to pull hair, as well as trichotillomania, which is the compulsive eating of hair.
BMJ Case Reports 2021

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