Scientists have discovered that the common flower is a carnivore

A new study has discovered that what was previously considered a common flower is carnivorous.

(Courtesy of UBC and Qianshi Lin)

«We had no idea it was a carnivore,» said Sean Graham, a University of British Columbia botanist and one of the study’s authors. Tell NPR.

Posted on Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaAnd The researchers found that the false western henge, a white flower common in the Pacific Northwest and first discovered in 1879, has a genetic deletion, or the loss of a portion of its DNA, as well as traits that other carnivorous plants have to forage.

«They have these sticky legs,» Graham said. «So, you know, it was like, OK, I’m wondering if that could be a sign that this might be a carnivore.»

The researchers found that tiny hairs along the flower’s stem produce a digestive enzyme that other carnivorous plants use to catch and eat insects.

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There are less than 1,000 Types of carnivorous plantsThe new classification is the first carnivorous plant discovered in 20 years.

However, given the recent discovery, Graham thinks there may be more common plants that are actually carnivores.

«I suspect there may be more carnivores than we think,» Graham said.

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