Sean McDermott drops a hint of Sunday’s plan for Bills beginners

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Bills could beat No. 2 seed on Sunday, beating Dolphins. Bills would also be the # 2 seed if it were the Steelers, who are resting Ben Rothlesberger It is likely that the other major start, you lose to Brown. It looks like the bills will depend on Brown’s victory over the Steelers.

Via NFL’s Andrew Ceciliano, Bills coach Sean McDermott said Thursday morning on WGR radio that heIt remains to be seen and determined«Whether the bills will use their starter on Sunday. Here is the hint that McDermott may have dropped: He said the bill would do better» for «our team and our players.»

It is best for players to get a rest, to avoid potential injury in an eventual pointless match, and to recharge in the Wild Card Round — especially if there is nothing to be strategically gained through play.

Bills can also use their starters at first, and may even pull them if / when the Browns withdraw from them Mason Rudolph And the company.

However, Buffalo has roughly handled all opponents since losing to the Cardinals, and there’s something to be said to continue to keep gas. The right balance could be to keep the pedal to the metal, at least until the second seed is within reach.

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