Skodan Mustafa angered Arsenal fans by bidding farewell to Mesut Ozil in a strange tweet

« What’s wrong with you? »: Shkodan Mustafa angering Arsenal fans by bidding farewell to the « unselfish » Mesut Ozil in a strange tweet after a £ 350,000 star ended Arsenal’s nightmare by joining Fenerbahce’s Turkish side.

  • Mesut Ozil finally put an end to Arsenal’s nightmare by joining Fenerbahce
  • The German is scheduled to join the Turkish side after completing his job of 350,000 pounds
  • Shkodran Mustafa bids farewell to his team-mate by describing Ozil as «selfless»
  • Gunners fans have taken to social media to question the gunner’s bizarre comments

Shkodran Mustafa angered Arsenal fans as he bid farewell to the «unselfish» Mesut Ozil after the German ended Arsenal’s nightmare by joining Fenerbahce, Turkey.

Ozil, 32, is set to be officially revealed as a Fenerbahce player after Arsenal terminated his £ 350,000 a week early contract with the midfielder never having played for the club this season.

The mercurial midfielder achieved years of success after joining in 2013 but left under a dark cloud after being banished from the team in recent seasons under former manager Unai Emery and current coach Mikel Arteta.

Skodan Mustafa (top) Leaving Arsenal fans confused with a tweet farewell to Mesut Ozil (bottom)

The German midfielder angered Arsenal fans when he described Ozil as

The German midfielder angered Arsenal fans when he described Ozil as «selfless» after leaving the club

He also sparked controversy in 2020 when, unlike most of his teammates, he refused to agree to a 12.5 per cent cut from his hefty wage during the first national coronavirus shutdown at a time when Arsenal had to drop some staff.

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So, his German teammate Mustafa’s farewell tweet, which described Ozil as « selfless on and off the field » and suggesting that the club had let him down, did not do well with some of Arsenal’s followers on Twitter.

Mustafa tweeted: “Brother, you have been the most selfless player on and off the field. I have ever shared the dressing room with him. You will always be remembered as #AssistKing. Unfortunately, as a team, we couldn’t help you when you needed us most. All the best.’

A fan, AFCHarv, wrote: «He is the most selfish player,» while arsenalbarclays replied: «Please explain? £ 350k / week: If this isn’t help, I don’t know what?»

Another fan, @ Marcus49AFC, noted Ozil’s refusal to take the temporary pay cut, saying, «Ozil rejects the pay cut that 20 of his teammates agree to. Mustafa:» I was the most selfless player off the field. «

owiiemma added: ‘You are an Arsenal player. You should be at the club’s side. You must try to help us get through the situation. what is wrong with you?’

Ozil arrived in Istanbul late on Sunday evening, where Fenerbahce tweeted some pictures of his impending signature, along with a message: «Our club brings Mesut Ozil to Istanbul to continue the transfers.»

Mesut Ozil stands wearing a Fenerbahce scarf after landing in Istanbul on Sunday night

Mesut Ozil stands wearing a Fenerbahce scarf after landing in Istanbul on Sunday night

Speaking about the move, Ozil told NTV: «I am a Fenerbahce fan. That is why I am so happy to come to Turkey with Fenerbahce, I am very excited. God has given me the opportunity to wear this shirt as a Fenerbahce fan. God willing, I will carry it with honor and I will do everything.» I can team up.

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Of course, I missed some games. I haven’t played in any games in a while, but I am in shape and I have no problems, » he said, adding that he was training with the first team at Arsenal during his time off the field.

Ozil left the club after helping Arsenal lift three FA Cup titles during his time, the first of which was in the 2013-2014 season helping him end a nine-year cup drought.

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