Space monitoring: NASA is looking for a cure for Hubble problems | Hubble Space Telescope

nAsa continues her efforts to diagnose problems on Hubble Space Telescope Veteran Space Mission is brought back to full operation. Scientific operations were suspended on June 13 when the computer responsible for the selected devices began to fail.

The scientific instruments themselves were automatically put into safe mode, and the rest of the telescope continued to operate normally. Useful computer tests indicated that the problem was not in the computer’s memory as originally thought, but elsewhere in the Scientific Instrument Command and Data Processing Unit (SI C&DH). The team is investigating a unit that coordinates commands and data inside the telescope, and a power regulator designed to ensure a constant voltage to computers.

Once the defective piece of equipment is identified, the team will likely have to switch to the backup hardware already installed on the spacecraft. This is a precise process that will be practiced in a computer simulation on Earth first. Similar process in 2008 After the failure of the previous coordination unit. a Maintenance mission in 2009 Then replace the entire SI C&DH unit with the one currently in use. It is expected that full scientific operations will resume in due course.

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