SpaceX paves the way for the launch of the third Starship later this week

Amidst what appears to be the Starship SN10’s first refrigerated proof test, SpaceX has introduced Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) with the FAA to launch the Starship III early this week.

Effectively matching the late Starship SN8 and SN9, both of which suffered last-second failures that led to severe impacts and explosions on December 9 and February 2, the Starship SN10 is a prototype of a solid, reusable missile 50 meters (165 feet), 9 meters high. (30 feet), and about 1,350 metric tons (three million pounds) — nearly like the Falcon Heavy — is fully fueled.

Like its predecessors, the Starship SN10 is equipped with a set of three Raptor engines that produce up to 600 metric tons of thrust (~ 1.3M lbf) and were built as part of a series of four prototypes designed to demonstrate a new method for the missile to recover.

As previously discussed on Teslarati, SpaceX unexpectedly distributed safety «alerts» to residents of Boca Chica village on Sunday, February 7, an act that only indicated plans (to attempt) to launch a prototype Starship. However, Starship SN10 did not even complete the proof-of-cooling test, referring to a common practice SpaceX used to validate a vehicle using liquid nitrogen, simulating the extreme cold of liquid methane and oxygen fuel without the risk of a fire or violent explosion.

For now, SpaceX is in the middle of the Starship SN10 mode in its first attempt (attempts) to prove the coolness of LN2. SpaceX appears to have aborted one attempt at around 1:15 PM CST and started a second attempt around the time this article is published (around 2 PM CST). If the SN10 manages to pass freeze proof early in the afternoon, there is a chance — albeit limited — that SpaceX will then attempt to recycle for a live wet dress rehearsal (WDR; replace LN2 with methane and oxygen) and attempt a potential steady fire at a later time Today .

So try — not to mention complete — the opening cooling resistance And the A same-day static shooting might be an unprecedented feat, so the process will likely take a few days. Even if that were the case, SpaceX Starship SN10 could still be ready for another high-altitude launch attempt earlier this week. Stay tuned for updates!

SpaceX paves the way for the launch of the third Starship later this week

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