SpaceX rocket debris found in Washington state following lines in the night sky

Part of a SpaceX rocket was discovered in Washington state last weekend, after days of bright comet-like streaks lighting up the night sky over the Pacific Northwest, an honorable official said.

The space company has retrieved “the vessel-encapsulated pressure vessel from re-entry Falcon 9 last week,” the Grant County Sheriff’s Office said Friday.

The vessel, about 5 feet high, was found on private property in southwestern Grant County, in the center of the state, last weekend.

There was no damage, and it left a 4 to 5 inch trail in the ground, said Kyle Foreman, the media officer for the mayor’s department. He said SpaceX was notified on Monday and arrived on Tuesday to retrieve it.

Where exactly it fell was not disclosed. “The media and treasure hunters: We do not disclose details. The owner of the property simply wants to be left alone,” the mayor’s office said in a tweet on Twitter. The Tree City Herald Reports indicate that it fell in a farmer’s field.

On March 25, streaks lit up in the sky over Washington and Oregon. Some thought they were from a meteor or comet.

SpaceX does not appear to have publicly confirmed that its rocket is involved. But the signs quickly indicated that direction

National Weather Service Seattle chirp Based on unofficial information, “the widely reported bright objects in the sky were debris from a second stage Falcon 9 rocket that failed to burn the deorbit.” An astronomer said Owned by NBC From Seattle was the wreckage of a Falcon 9 rocket.

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SpaceX did not respond to a request for comment Friday night.

There have been no reports of damage from match 25 event. Foreman said that no further reports of wreckage have been received by the Grant County Sheriff’s office.

Falcon 9 is a reusable two-stage missile. The second stage delivers the cargo. The first stage is designed to return to Earth and Earth. According to The company’s website.

Furman said his understanding was that the pressure vessel found was used to store helium.

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